Starting your journey as an employer comes with a myriad of responsibilities, rules, and regulations.

At robinson+co, we understand that stepping into the world of being an employer for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you navigate this terrain seamlessly, we’ve compiled essential information and guidance provided by HMRC to ensure a smooth transition into the realm of employers.

  1. Determining the Right Pay

When employing someone for the first time, it’s crucial to decide on an appropriate wage. The National Minimum Wage sets the baseline, and you must ensure your employee receives at least this amount.

Striking the right balance here is essential for both employee satisfaction and legal compliance.

  1. Right to Work Checks

Verify if your prospective employee has the legal right to work in the UK. Compliance with immigration laws is critical.

Depending on your industry, other employment checks may be necessary to ensure a secure and legal workforce.

  1. Background Checks

For certain professions dealing with vulnerable individuals or security-sensitive roles, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check may be required.

This can include working with children and young people, medical professionals, legal professionals such as solicitors or barristers and many others.

This step is fundamental in maintaining the safety and integrity of your workplace.

  1. Employers’ Liability Insurance

As soon as you become an employer, securing employers’ liability insurance is mandatory.

This insurance safeguards both you and your employees in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses.

  1. Written Statement of Employment and Terms and Conditions

Communication is key. Provide your employees with a written statement of employment, including job details and terms and conditions.

This step is especially important for positions lasting more than a month.

  1. HMRC Registration

Ensure you register as an employer with HMRC. This registration process can be completed up to four weeks before your first payroll.

Directors of limited companies who employ themselves should also complete this process.

  1. Pension Scheme Enrolment

Check whether you need to enrol your staff in a workplace pension scheme.

Compliance with auto-enrolment requirements is essential for long-term financial planning and employee well-being.

  1. Payroll Management

When it comes to paying your staff, the choice is yours: use a payroll provider or run your payroll scheme.

If you opt for the latter, selecting suitable payroll software is crucial. Setting up payroll can be complex for first timers, but our team at robinson+co can guide you through the process efficiently.

Embarking on the journey of becoming an employer is a significant step, and at robinson+co, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our expert advisors can provide personalised guidance to ensure that you meet all necessary requirements efficiently.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you get your business up and running financially.