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We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes claim tax relief under the HM Revenue & Customs Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit Scheme. With over 15 years of experience in the area, we work with clients to provide a detailed report that supports our submission (claim) and fulfils all of HM Revenue & Customs requirements, thus minimising the needs for HM Revenue & Customs enquiries assuming they must review all cases. Claims made by robinson+co have resulted in over £2million of additional tax claims for our clients.

Available to only corporate businesses, R & D allows businesses who can demonstrate an advancement in science or technology to claim additional relief of up to 130% of qualifying expenses on the project. We have been successful in making retrospective claims, with the window to make claims sometimes being up to 2 years after the company’s year end.

Research & Development Services

If you have a “process” which you improve through technology advancement, or are developing new technology in your field that isn’t readily available, please contact us so we can discuss in more detail.

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